Stoptech - Sport Brake Pads - Front (2015+ WRX)


Product type: Brake Pads

Vendor: Stoptech




These are ideal for those of you looking for an excellent brake pad compound for autocross and light track use.


  • Formerly known as the Street Performance Pads
  • High MOT to help eliminate brake fade
  • Excellent actuation, modulation, and release
  • Positive molded for uniform friction material
  • Scorched to raise the initial cold effectiveness
  • Para-Aramid composites for linear response
  • Dyno proven performance and service life
  • Lab-developed formulas with a strong initial bite
  • Ideal for autocross and light track day use
  • Rear location


    Compatible Vehicles:

    • SUBARU WRX 2015
    • SUBARU WRX 2016
    • SUBARU WRX 2017
    • SUBARU WRX 2018
    • SUBARU WRX 2019
    • SUBARU WRX 2020