Stoptech - Slotted Rotor Rear Pair (2008-2017 STI)


Product type: Brake Rotors

Vendor: Stoptech




Powerslot Rotors, also known as Stoptech, have all the features you are looking for. Slotted for the cooling performance and  finished with black e-coating on both sides of the hat, inside the cooling vanes, and on the outside edge. E-coating is a superior electro-statically applied finish designed to withstand 400 hours of salt water exposure without rusting. This is especially important on both mounting faces of the hat where it touches the hub flange and back face of the wheel. Any accumulation of rust in these area can lead to installed lateral run out issues. Powerslot rotors look and perform well!

Compatible Vehicles:

  • SUBARU STI 2008
  • SUBARU STI 2009
  • SUBARU STI 2010
  • SUBARU STI 2011
  • SUBARU STI 2012
  • SUBARU STI 2013
  • SUBARU STI 2014
  • SUBARU STI 2015
  • SUBARU STI 2016
  • SUBARU STI 2017