PERRIN - SI-Drive Cover Stainless Steel (2008-2018 STi)


Product type: Knobs

Vendor: PERRIN Performance




Add style to your interior with the black anodized aluminum or stainless steel PERRIN SI-Drive Knob.

Made of machined 6061 aluminum or stainless steel, the SI-Drive Knob is either anodized black (aluminum) or brushed stainless steel. Each knob cover features machined grooves, indicator mark, and a small engraved logo. Each PERRIN SI-Drive also comes with black and silver adhesive inlays which enables you to customize the look to suit your taste.

Easy installation
Double-sided sticky tape will securely hold the knob cover on while leaving you the non permanent option of removing it in the future. Stick it on and you're ready to go.

Each PERRIN SI-Drive Cover is carefully manufactured and then anodized black or made from stainless steel. The super hard finish of your cover will survive thousands of SI-Drive selections. Choose from two finishes: anodized black or brushed stainless steel.

Compatible Vehicles:

  • SUBARU STI 2008
  • SUBARU STI 2009
  • SUBARU STI 2010
  • SUBARU STI 2011
  • SUBARU STI 2012
  • SUBARU STI 2013
  • SUBARU STI 2014
  • SUBARU STI 2015
  • SUBARU STI 2016
  • SUBARU STI 2017
  • SUBARU STI 2018