Hawk - DTC-60 Brake Pads - Front (06-07 WRX / OEM 4 POT)


Product type: Brake Pads

Vendor: Hawk




If your looking for an excellent race pad then we recommend the Hawk DTC-60 High Performance Brake Pad. The DTC-60 pad was designed for performance and will provide you with unmatched stopping power even when your brake system reaches temperatures of up to 1600°F.  The DTC-60 Pads deliver an aggressive initial bite that is easily controlled. Designed for cars that require high deceleration rates with or without down force.

Key Features:
  • 400-1600°F Operating Temperatures
  • Aggressive Initial Bite
  • Lower Friction Pad than DTC-70 Pads
  • Better Brake Pad and Rotor Wear
  • Provides High Deceleration Rate
  • Excellent Torque Controllability

Compatible Vehicles:

  • SUBARU WRX 2006
  • SUBARU WRX 2007